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We wish you – from our hearts – a joyful holiday and a new year blessed with success and good health

Neujahrskarte Bild
Ursula Gerber, 2012 «Organ sonata 2st movement - Andante con moto» Fine Art Print on Plexiglas, 50 x 75 cm
From where to where?
Meditation, composure.
At a steady pace,
with a well-ordered sound.
In 2012 the artist created her trilogy of pictures for our New Year greetings cards 2013 - 2015 within the space of a few months. As an artist she expects to immerse herself in this process of developing a tripartite work, and to bring it to completion. The pictures, symbolically representing the departure, the journey and pausing along the way, are used in the order of their creation.

For her second work Ursula Gerber turned to sound, the pipes and thus to her favourite material, metal. As well as photos of registers in our voicing workshop, she employs sculptures from her "Nomades" series, that with their warm, festively glowing colours combine with the silvery shine of the pipes to form an ideal opening to our anniversary year.

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd
Ursula Gerber-Senger, born in 1958 in Zurich, started designing textiles in Venezuela in 1981, from designing textiles to designing objects in 1992, reduction of the variety of materials in 2006 with the emphasis on "people travelling", from 2007 on also using new media, showed in numerous international exhibitions, publications and prizes, works in museums and private collections at home and abroad.
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