Orgelbau Kuhn

Lyss, ref. church

Convincing instruments

We design each of our organs in such a way that it not only appeals from an artistic and technical point of view but also combines first-class craftsmanship and acoustic qualities. Turning our ideals into practice demands not only a high level of professionalism but also a great deal of persistence from us all if we are not to lose sight of our ambitious goals, particularly during the more difficult phases of the project. At these times, we can draw on the enthusiasm and extensive ta-lents of our employees as well as the collective experience of the entire company. Eschewing industrial production techniques, our various teams determine the creation of an organ from A to Z.

Unique character

In order to build instruments that fulfil the most exacting demands, we rely as much as possible on products we have manufactured ourselves. Because only in this way can we be sure of giving expression to the uniqueness of every single piece. This has its price, certainly, but also its reward: a hand-crafted instrument, perfect in every technical and artistic detail, on which we offer a ten-year guarantee. An organ whose tones will touch the hearts of those who hear it and, over the years, fill countless people with joy and, dare we say, a certain awe and respect.
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