Orgelbau Kuhn

Bozen, Deutschhauskirche

Historical charm

For organ builders like us, making a new model based closely on a historical predecessor represents a particularly pleasant sort of challenge. Our repertoire is extensive and ranges all the way from the Renaissance Positive through to the design and construction of new organs with stop channel windchests and pneumatic action. When carrying out such assignments, we not only have to consider the style of the time at which the organ was built but also more specific qualities such as the regional styles and personal preferences of the organ builder.

However, our job does not consist of simply copying instruments as exactly as possible. After all, every new organ should radiate a spiritual and artistic personality all its own. Apart from this, the style chosen must be re-interpreted to blend with its surroundings. Here, our profound knowledge of art history is invaluable. Another vital feature is the need to acquire ancient production techniques, as well as learning about typical historical styles and putting them into practice. It is extremely interesting and exciting to try out old lead casting techniques in sand or to make windchests based on many different systems, such as cone chests, or spring chests after the Lombardian or northern German style. We also manufacture wedge-bellows systems based on historical models.

Since the demands of historical reproductions are very similar to those of the restoration department, we benefit heavily here on the comprehensive know-how and vast experience of our specialists.
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