Orgelbau Kuhn

Kuhn «Balanciers»

Kuhn «balanciers»

Nowadays, mechanical tracker action is also in demand for multi-manual symphonic organs with high wind pressures. In order to eliminate strong key resistance, we have developed a solution based on traditional organ technology: Kuhn’s «balanciers» guarantee an even feel across the entire keyboard without restricting repetition frequency. Apart from this, the fitting is space-saving.

Kuhn lever

The symphonic canon often calls expressly for the use of couplers. However, «balanciers» technology alone is usually not enough to keep the key resistance encountered symphonic instruments to a pleasant and easily playable level. Barker technology here would be too voluminous, too loud and, in the interplay with the direct tracker action, too sluggish as well.

Our solution, the Kuhn lever, is likewise a further development of traditional organ technology. It moves synchronously, is extremely quiet, takes up a minimum of space and, unlike electronics, can be replaced by the organ builder himself.
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