Orgelbau Kuhn

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2006


Organ built by:
Franz Sales Ehrlich, 1876

Windchests: slider chests + "Hängeventilladen"
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: mechanical

Inauguration: 19.11.2006

Expert: Peter Paul Kaspar
Voicing: Raymond Petzold

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portrait number 801370

Linz II/P/18
Austria, Upper Austria

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Old-fashioned, but built to last

In the Ursulinenkirche in the heart of Linz stands an organ built in 1876 by Franz Sales Ehrlich. In its interior the organ appears older than it actually is. This is due to the fact that although the cone chest principal had already become commonplace in many urban areas of the alpine lands, Ehrlich's instrument was still constructed with slider windchests in the manuals and a windchest with hanging valves in the pedal organ. Also more fitting for an instrument from the 18th century than one from the late 19th century are the coupler valves to the pedals in both manual windchests, as well as the very robust construction of the mechanical elements, including that of the stop mechanism. On the basis of these characteristics, Ehrlich's instrument can be viewed as very conservative for its time.

In spite of its robustness, we found the organ in very poor condition: although many wood pipes damaged by woodworm had been replaced in the 1980s, the tuning work which followed was carried out poorly and resulted in considerable damage to the thin metal pipes. On top of this the key action was very heavy. Our restoration work was therefore mainly concerned with the repair of the metal pipes as well as an overhaul of the action and windchests in order to re-establish an optimal sound and ease of playing.

Thanks to the sensitive voicing of the old and new pipes, the special qualities of the organ once more became apparent and it has regained its place as a concert instrument within the rich cultural music scene of Linz. The very individual Ehrlich organ is as highly regarded as more contemporary instruments. Here there exists a spirit of openness and tolerance which reflects the principles of the Ursilinenkirche - a place in which all forms of Christianity are welcomed.
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