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Werkstattkonzerte mit der Orgel von Zürich Unterstrass 1889 nach deren Restaurierung im Jahre 2006

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«Neue Züricher Zeitung», 23.03.2006

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German-Romantic cone chest organ II/P/24
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Historical notes

In 1889 Theodor Kuhn completed work on a 24-stop organ for the protestant church of Zürich-Unterstrass. He constructed the instrument adhering to the traditions laid down by his father Johann Nepomuk Kuhn, one year after our company founder's death. The organ was dismantled in 1911 and transferred to western Switzerland.

The restoration of 2005 - 2006

The current restoration work embraces a thorough overhaul of the technical systems with the aim of returning the instrument to a new and functionally reliable condition. The slight changes to the stop-list which the organ underwent over the years were reversed through reconstruction, thus returning the pipework to its original condition. For the design of the case several options are possible.

The restoration of the organ was completed in January 2006. A tonal documentation of the instrument was produced during four concerts given in our workshop.

Space requirements

The ground space of the organ measures 7.20 m x 2.45 m, without the forwards facing console. The height of the organ to the top of the longest front pipe is 5.6 m.


This organ offers a unique opportunity of purchasing an authentic instrument in German-Romantic style, which, after restoration, will be in new condition.

For further information please download the available PDF-document.

The photographs show the condition of the instrument after the restoration in January 2006 in our assembly-shop. A picture of the organ in its original state in Zurich-Unterstrass can be viewed by clicking on "original location" under the heading "Cross-references".
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