Orgelbau Kuhn

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2007

New organ

Windchests: slider chests
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: electrical

Inauguration: 25.11.2007

Expert: Daniel Hyde
Voicing: Rudolf Aebischer


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The New Organ of Jesus College Cambridge (en anglais)

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portrait number 114170

Cambridge II/P/29
Great Britain,
Jesus College, Chapel

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Orchestral Organ in the English style

With more than 500 years of history Jesus College is one of the richest in traditions in Cambridge and a historically important location. It was founded in 1497 in buildings taken over from a former nunnery. The College acquired its name from the associated «Jesus Chapel». Jesus College produced numerous distinguished persons. One the most famous was Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury. He played an important role in the separation of the Anglican Church from Rome.

From the very start, the chemistry between our clients and us was right. The new instrument was to stand proudly beside the historic Sutton organ. We also agreed quickly upon the tonal conception: considering the high standards of making music with English choirs it was fortunate that we have always preferred at all times the warm, dignified sounds. The organ disposes of a large scale of dynamic nuances from fortissimo to pianissimo and is equipped with divisionals.

It was not easy to realise the tonal conception because there was not enough space for the desired number of stops. We solved this problem by making the corresponding pipes from the manual playable with the pedal - an approved technique long practised by our company.

In England choral accompaniment is much more than «playing along». At the blessing of the organ we had the opportunity to experience this. It was very touching to listen to the large number of young people who sang their hymns with enthusiasm and to the highest standard accompanied by the orchestral organ. We thank providence that Jesus College and we, the organ builders from Kuhn, found each other.
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