Orgelbau Kuhn

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2002


Organ built by:
Theodor Kuhn, 1914

Windchests: membrane chests
Key action: pneumatic ("Fernwerk" electrical)
Stop action: pneumatic ("Fernwerk" electrial)

Inauguration: 24.11.2002

Expert: Rudolf Meyer
Voicing: Rudolf Aebischer

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Wie Geschichte entsteht ... - Festschrift zur Restauration der Orgel von St. Anton Zürich

situation 1914

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portrait number 801210

Zürich III/P/50
Switzerland, Zurich
Kath. Kirche St. Anton

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New enthusiasm for a «Factory organ»

Organs in Romantic style with a pneumatic action were, for some time, dismissed as being mere «factory organs». However, remarkably, in the church of St. Anton, in the middle of Zurich, such an instrument had survived almost unaltered. Restoration work was, however, becoming necessary. The organ, built in 1914 was to be returned to its original state. 16 years of preparation and intense discussion followed until the requirements of the community had been established and the finances secured.

The focal points of the restoration work were the console and the pneumatic action. All 5525 puffers and 2650 membranes required replacement in order to achieve long-term functioning of the instrument. All the pneumatic relays and control valves were dismantled, restored and built back into the instrument. Assembling the elements of the console authentically was, however, not a practical solution in view of future servicing requirements. With the approval of the cantonal committee for the preservation of ancient monuments, certain parts of the registration controls were built into the organ. As a result, now all devices connected with the pneumatic action are easily accessible for service purposes.

The zinc pipes in the façade also required particular attention. The 16' pipes had been constructed through the soldering together of a number of separate sections. Many of these joins had developed cracks. Also many of the tips, made of soft tin, had caved in under the weight and needed replacing on all sounding pipes in the façade.

A special feature of this restored Theodor Kuhn organ is the newly built «Fernwerk». This had been planned when the organ was first built in 1914, evidence for this being four stop switches on the original console. The position of the «Fernwerk», under the archway behind the main alter, results in an ideal radiation of sound.
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