Orgelbau Kuhn

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2006

New organ

Windchests: slider chests
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: mechanical

Inauguration: 23.04.2006

Case design: Christoph Jedele
Voicing: Rudolf Aebischer

Ein Film zur neuen Kuhn-Orgel in der ev.-luth. Felicianuskirche zu Weyhe (DVD) von Jochen Schlegel und Werner Bartsch
Ein Film zur neuen Kuhn-Orgel in der ev.-luth. Felicianuskirche zu Weyhe (DVD) von Jochen Schlegel und Werner Bartsch

Die Kuhn-Orgel in der Felicianus-Kirche zu Weyhe

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«Felicianus» Parish (in German)

© pictures Foto--Studie Hedda Siemer, DE-Kirchweyhe

portrait number 114100

Weyhe II/P/19
Germany, Lower Saxony
Evang.-luth. Felicianus-Kirche

stop list (download)

A vision becomes reality

Back to the year 2000: the first meeting between an organist and Kuhn Organ Builders takes place. The organist in question visits instruments at home and abroad, together with her organ committee, to glean inspiration for a new instrument in the Felicianus Church in Weyhe. They gain insights and form their views on the matter and, finally, develop a vision for their new organ. Now begins the actual adventure: together with Kuhn Organ Builders they set off on the long journey through the institutions with the aim of achieving their ideal and finding an optimal solution for making their vision a reality. A project which is to unite the artistic and musical demands with the financial means available. And an investment in the future, since a new organ will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

A feature of this instrument which is of particular note is that the various tone colours of its rich stoplist can be employed to maximum effect. This is made possible by the technical systems which underlie the organ's tonal architecture: the foundation stops are shared, for the most part, between the Hauptwerk and pedal organ. The tonal design of the instrument lends itself to music of the 19th century. In contrast to most instruments of this size which tend more towards the baroque, this organ is richly equipped with string stops, giving it a clear angle: in the Hauptwerk is a Salizional, in the Schwellwerk a Gambe and a beating stop at 8 ' pitch and the Fugara at 4 ' pitch. Unusual, but tonally enriching, is a Contrabass 16 ' which stands among the front pipes next to the Principal 8 ' (from F sharp). The organ convinces with its noble solemnity in the plenum and its warm sounding solo stops.

The interplay between colours and shapes in the façade was so designed so that the instrument would fit harmonically into the architecture of the church interior: the warm red tone of the oak wood case reflects the brick rib-vaulting of the building and the round tower of the façade takes on the form of the columns.
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