Orgelbau Kuhn

Workshop Concerts

These concerts featured two instruments: one, which we have recently restored and which is offered for sale, a cone-chest organ built in the tradition of our company founder, Johann Nepomuk Kuhn, and the other, a new and versatile small organ.
Historic cone-chest organ (for sale)
New two-manual small organ (for sale)

Concert dates


Concert for Organ and Piano
Kristin Merscher, piano
Christian Schmitt, organ

Concert for Soprano, Violin and Organ
Miriam Feuersinger, soprano
Editha Fetz-Vogel, violin
Helmut Binder, organ
Organ Concert
Andreas Jost, organ

Concert for Choir and Organ
inVOICE girls' choir
Andre Grootens, director
Wolfgang Sieber, organ
Concert programme (in German)  (pdf, 177 kB)
«Neue Züricher Zeitung», 23.03.2006 (in German)
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