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07.11.2006 – Position as voicer vacant

We are looking for an experienced voicer. Date of commencement of employment to be agreed. More details can be found in the
job description (in German).

11.09.2006 - «Organ Wind» conference: great success

100 participants from 8 countries made this conference into an important platform for discussion. The specialist technical talks, measurements and trials led to the theoretical explanations of known phenomena and also to some unexpected results. The conference documentation with high class reports can be obtained through Kuhn Organ Builders.
Conference review (in German)
Picture gallery
Conference documentation (in German)

11.09.2006 - Documentation on organ restoration

What is possible, what is necessary, what makes sense? The results from the conference of the International Association for Organ Documentation (IAOD), which took place from 20th to 23rd May 2004 in Männedorf, have now appeared in the form of a book and can be ordrered through Kuhn Organ Builders.
Conference Review (in German)
«Documentation on organ restoration» (in German)

06.09.2006 – already 1000 organ pictures to view

The amount of information available in the database, which contains Kuhn’s complete catalogue of instruments, has been further extended. The number of organ images has already been increased to almost 1000 pictures and the number of organ specifications increased by over 200.
Many portraits of organs from the first half of the 20th century already have pictures and specifications. The current digitalisation of our picture archive will increase its scope considerably.
Organ database
Using the organ database
Pictures from the early 20th century *
*Type in a range of years between 1900 and 1929 in the «year from ... to ...» box and select the option just above «organs with picture or stoplist only»

05.09.2006 – «Ems-Cemie» gives cathedral an organ

At today’s press conference the delegate of the management committee and chairman of the directors of Ems-Chemie Holding AG, Magdalena Martullo, informed that the Ems-Group had given the Cathedral of Chur a new organ as a present. The organ is currently being constructed in our factory and will be completed in spring 2007. The inauguration will take place on 28th October 2007.
Press release «Ems-Chemie» (in German)
Organ portrait

11.05.2006 – Valuable organs for sale

Have you already noticed the heading «organs for sale»? In addition to the historic cone-chest organ, the new, multi-talented two-manual small organ and a number of one-manual instruments we now have for sale a two-manual organ built in 1976 with 19 stops. A thirty-year-old high quality organ is, in effect, a new instrument, which makes this an attractive offer.
Organs for sale

11.05.2006 – An organ with a difference

Organs cannot be repeatedly re-invented over several centuries. However, every instrument has its own unique features and often its own special history. Such features are clearly accentuated in the case of the new organ in Weyhe.
Organ portrait

10.03.2006 – Easier accessability

Navigation of the organ database has been made more user-friendly. With headings to click on, groups of instruments can be selected directly. Small photographs now appear on output of the selected instruments. If wished, the information can also be presented as a list, as has been the case up to now. Besides extensive useful information, explanations on how the database pages or organ portraits can be directly viewed can be found in the detailed instructions.
Simple search of organ portraits
Extended search of organ portraits
Using the organ database

17.02.2006 – Increased information available

Our discography is now presented in more detail. For every CD there is now an image of the back cover, giving a full listing of its contents. First select a CD from the discography overview (available in German only), then click on «Inhalt» beneath the image.

06.12.2005 – Klosterneuburg, choir organ

When organ enthusiasts think of the Augustinian Canons of Klosterneuburg Monastery, the first thing which springs to mind is undoubtedly the great festival organ built by Johannes Freund of Passau. On this occasion, however, the abbey church’s choir organ stood at the centre of our activities.
Organ Portrait

15.11.2005 – Indroducing our "Workshop Concerts"

In February 2006 our assembly-shop will be transformed into a concert hall. A première will be held for a restored cone-chest organ and a new small organ.
Concert details
Historic cone-chest organ
New two-manual small organ

07.11.2005 - Organ study trip to Poland

In keeping with our company philosophy we have once again undertaken an interesting study trip, which took us to the region of Krakau. 17 employees of Kuhn Organ Builders took advantage of the opportunity to widen their horizons, this time in an easterly direction.
Picture gallery

28.10.2005 - Four times as many pictures to view in the organ data bank

The databank, which contains our complete catalogue of instruments has been considerably improved and extended and has now been made more user-friendly. Almost 400 organs now have a portrait and additional information. The number of images released has increased to over 400 since March 2005. The current digitalisation of our picture archive will increase this number considerably.
Organ Database
Using the organ database

28.10.2005 - A look back at our tuning course for organists

The tuning course “Ton in Ton” can be viewed as a successful event. In the opinion of the over 40 participants the practical experience of handling reed pipes in the lecture room as well as tuning them in the church was of great value.
Picture gallery

28.10.2005 - New organ for the Catholic Church in Rümlang

35 years after the inauguration of the building, the good acoustic possibilities of this church have now been exploited. Its acoustics provide ideal circumstances in which the sound of the 22 stops can unfold with exceptionally noble expression. The inauguration of the organ takes place on 11th December.
Organ Portrait

28.10.2005 - Witness to an era makes a journey

The organ of the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Winterthur, built in 1931 and designed by Karl Matthaei, has been transported to Obersaxen Meierhof. It was one of the last organs to be built with a pneumatic action and remains in excellent condition. The inauguration of the instrument takes place on 30th October 2005.
Organ Portrait

09.05.2005 – A new organ for the Catholic Church in Stäfa

Work on the new organ at the church of St. Verena took place under ideal circumstances. Here we had the opportunity of building an organ which presented challenges both tonally and technically. The finely differentiated tonal spectrum is outstanding for a modern organ of this size. The inauguration will take place on 19th June 2005.
Organ Portrait
Programme for the inauguration

04.05.2005 – What do watch covers have to do with pipe organs?

The enterprising research of Mr. Niklaus Rotzler, Ettingen, has proved that the porcelain sign from the year 1896, which is printed on the cover of the newly published Opus List from Kuhn Organ Builders, includes a false patent number. The number shown is actually that of a «self-closing spring cover for watches». The correct patent number is 2445 for «pneumatic tubing construction for church, salon and concert organs». Many thanks, Mr. Rotzler for your careful reading and for your continuing research into further patents registered by Th. Kuhn Organ Builders.
Opus List Orgelbau Kuhn (in German)
Download Foreword to the Opus List (in German)
Download patents (in German)

10.04.2005 – Complete Organ Works of J.G. Rheinberger

Rudolf Innig presented his recordings of the complete works of Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (1839-1901) at St. Anton, Zurich. The 12 CDs were recorded exclusively on organs built or restored by Kuhn Organ Builders. The CDs are available from our publishers, singly or as a complete set at a special price.
Rudolf Innig
Discography – see «Josef Gabriel Rheinberger»

22.03.2005 – Release of our new homepage

Easter 2005 sees the release of our new web-site. Clearly structured and explained, and with many new organ portraits, it is well worth a visit. We are pleased to announce that almost all pages may now be viewed in English.

An efficient and user-friendly database provides information on all organs newly built and restored by Orgelbau Kuhn. The complete opus list is available, detailing 1539 instruments and dating back to the company’s founding in 1864. There are 235 organ portraits with additional information and these are supplemented by around 134 photographs, 65 stop-lists and 66 extended texts. These will also be available in English in the near future. Two picture galleries complete our new package.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our new site and wish you a happy Easter! We would be pleased to receive any feedback.
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