Orgelbau Kuhn

Seoul, Presbyterian College & Theological Seminary

New organs

In view of the ways in which different musical styles are received today, the building of a new organ poses a huge challenge. How should a new instrument, on which you are hoping to play ancient, contemporary, or even avant-garde music, look and sound? To this question there is no single correct answer.

Individual concepts

Whenever we receive an assignment, we carefully weigh the requirements and circumstances, and then get down to the business of searching for, drawing up and, where otherwise impossible, hammering out the best possible solution. This cannot always be achieved without some kind of compromise or, in some cases, even sacrifice. Here, our wide-ranging experience helps us to find the ideal way of satisfying often conflicting expectations. Restorations give us good reasons for incorporating certain ideas in new organs and equally good reasons for rejecting others. Many years of intense involvement are the basis for both the quality and stylistic diversity of the House of Kuhn.
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