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Organ Portraits

Behind the organ portraits is an efficient database which catalogues all the organs built and restored by Orgelbau Kuhn since 1864, and which is continually being extended.

Found at the end of this page are instructions on how our database and organ portraits can be reached directly.

Search options

You can choose to view a single group of instruments. To achieve this, click on one of the headings shown at the left of the screen. Initially, only the newly built organs are shown.

The «free text search» is made under the site location. A number of useful search criteria can be found beneath the «free text search» box for new organs and restorations.

The «extended search» offers further selection criteria and/or details on the desired type of information can be entered.


On the right hand side above the main screen, by clicking on one of the headings listed you can determine whether to view the selected organs with photographs or as a list. The results of the search are presented chronologically, by date of inauguration, starting with the most recent instrument. Output format:
place, country, postal code, location
size, year, windchests, key action, stop action

When a heading is written in bold type, a detailed organ portrait can be reached by clicking on the heading or the picture. The photographs on the organ portrait can be viewed in enlarged format by clicking on the picture. By using the arrows in the navigation box, it is possible to flick through the organ portraits one by one in order.

Opus list

The published opus list from Kuhn Organ Builders can be ordered through our web shop. Included is a CD-ROM which contains all publicised information in various data formats.
Opus list (in German)
The introductory notes to Kuhn Organ Builders’ opus list, written in German by Friedrich Jakob, relate to the contents of the database and can be downloaded free of charge.
Downloads (in German)

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Organ Portraits
It is possible to directly call up a particular organ portrait from, for example, another homepage, calendar of events or through a web browser by using the link Instead of xxxxxx enter the portrait number which can be found at the bottom left of the organ portrait.
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