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Organ built by:
Orgelbau Willy Dold, Freiburg, 1956

Windchests: cone chests + membrane chests
Key action: electro-pneumatic
Stop action: electro-pneumatic

Inauguration: 28.03.2015

Expert: Michael Gerhard Kaufmann
Voicing: Thierry Pécaut

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portrait number 801620

Inzlingen II/P/21
Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg
Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul

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Post-war organ

The organ in the Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul in Inzlingen was built by the firm of Orgelbau Willy Dold. In 1956, in the context of redesigning the interior of the church and the previous organ, which was in need of repair, it was decided to build the new one. Requiring the smallest possible space, the organ was again installed on the gallery, thus making more room available for the choir. The organ thereby forms an aesthetic whole with the design of the interior.

Willy Dold (1906-1959) trained and worked with the firm of Welte & Söhne until he founded his own firm, also in Freiburg. He built numerous organs, most of them for Catholic churches in (southern) Baden. Technically, they almost without exception have cone and membrane chests with a pneumatic or electric action. As regards sound, the ideas of the Alsatian organ reform and later very much toned down those of the neo baroque organ movement were realized.

The original Inzlingen organ has been almost completely preserved. In the past, only the electric components and some membranes have undergone repair.

Access, particularly to the top level of the swell organ and to some parts of the pedal, was previously impossible without removing a large number of front pipes. This meant that proper maintenance of the organ was exceedingly difficult. In addition, the dirt and wear of the past few years caused ever more technical problems and unreliability.

The Dold organ is a valuable contemporary witness of the post-war period, and as such has now been subjected to restoration.

The wiring and all the membranes were completely replaced. A new case door (hardly visible) now facilitates access to the interior of the organ. In its sound, too, the organ now once again enjoys balanced voicing, and is well tuned.

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