Orgelbau Kuhn

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Organ built by:
Metzler & Cie., Felsberg, 1926

Windchests: cone chests
Key action: pneumatic
Stop action: pneumatic

Inauguration: 29.11.2015

Expert: Peider Jörg
Voicing: Thierry Pécaut

Festschrift - Weihe der restaurierten Orgel - Pfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt Domat/Ems

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Commemorative (in german)

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portrait number 801640

Domat/Ems II/P/26
Switzerland, Grisons
Kath. Pfarrkirche Mariae Himmelfahrt

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Historic richness

The organ in the parish church of Domat/Ems was built by Jakob Metzler & Söhne in 1926. At that time some of the stops and the great reservoir bellows were taken over from the preceding organ. The result was an organ with a beautiful sound, which for the most part is still in its original form, making it particularly unusual and valuable.

From the start, intending to preserve it for future generations, the Organ Committee of Domat/Ems had expressed the wish to have the valuable organ thoroughly restored. Such a restoration comprises rectifying all the damage that arises over the decades as an instrument ages. The many leather parts of the pneumatic action, in particular, were completely renewed, and the organ thereby rendered as new, in good working order for a long time to come. The cone chests, pneumatically controlled, and the wind supply were subjected to a fundamental renovation.

After several months of intense work, the organ was ceremonially dedicated on the first Sunday in Advent 2015. The powerful but versatile sound of the organ is impressive. Indeed, in its acceptance report in 1927 the committee of experts came to the following conclusion: «What a richness the whole instrument has, without any offending harshness. On the other hand, how peculiarly fine, delicate and soft, individual piano stops sound! It is a joy to make music on this instrument, and to hear it.»

There is nothing we can add to this opinion of the then committee of experts. It gave us tremendous pleasure, and was a great honour, to have the opportunity to restore this extraordinary organ.

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