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Organ built by:
Franz Xavier Chrismann, 1766
Josef Breinbauer, 1867

Windchests: slider chests
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: mechanical

Inauguration: 03.12.2016

Expert: Siegfried Adlberger
Voicing: Gunter Böhme

Orgellandschaft Oberösterreich XXII - Brucknerorgel im Alten Dom Linz
Orgellandschaft Oberösterreich XXII - Brucknerorgel im Alten Dom Linz

Die Brucknerorgel im Alten Dom zu Linz

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portrait number 801650

Linz III/P/32
Austria, Upper Austria
Ignatiuskirche Alter Dom


With the foundation of the Diocese of Linz (1784/85), the former Jesuit Church of Linz became a cathedral. Attempts to find a suitable organ led to the decision not to have a new organ built, but to buy the organ in Engelszell which had been built by Franz Xavier Chrismann in 1766. Transfer of the organ to Linz took place in 1790, albeit without the case. The work was performed by Chrismann himself, who also undertook enlargement of the organ. The whole organ then received a new organ case, the components of which have in the main been preserved up to the present day.

When the Old Cathedral was being renovated (1851 to 1857), with alterations to the organ loft, the whole organ had to be taken out and re-installed on the refurbished gallery. The organ builder Josef Breinbauer performed this work. Anton Bruckner, who was cathedral and parish church organist from 1855 to 1868, requested and closely followed the alterations to the organ. As a result of further requested changes, Breinbauer's work took more than 10 years (1857 to 1867). It included moving the choir organ to between the main towers of the case, behind the console. New windchests and bellows were made, the actions of the organ were improved and new stops installed. The completed work was suitably praised and valued very highly, particularly by Anton Bruckner.

His successor in office at the cathedral was the Bruckner pupil, Karl Waldeck. During Waldeck's time, further work to the organ was carried out. Leopold Breinbauer, for instance, undertook a thorough inspection of the organ, the replacement of further stops and finally the refurbishment of the existing reed stops.

The most recent renovation was carried out by Rieger in 1979/80. Viewed in retrospect, the work was carried out very carefully, corresponding to the significance of the organ. Apart from the complete refurbishment of the reed stops no really large-scale changes of substance took place.

Since the last thorough going-over more than 30 years ago, dirt, wear and tear, cracks and woodworm have combined to put the organ under considerable strain. Our restoration concentrated on careful cleaning and inspection of the technical installation. Moreover, improvements were made to the tracker action, due consideration being given to the requirements of historic monuments.

On 3 December 2016, after several months of intensive work, the organ was officially inaugurated. We are most grateful to the Jesuit Order in Linz that through this restoration we were able to gain an insight into this fascinating Chrismann-Breinbauer-Bruckner monument.

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