Orgelbau Kuhn

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2013

New organ

Windchests: slider chests
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: mechanical

Inauguration: 23.06.2013

Expert: Georges Athanasiadès
Architect: Stanislas Rück, Fribourg
Case design: Uwe Schacht

Le nouvel orgue de l'église Saint-Jean, 23 juin 2013

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portrait number 114530

Fribourg II/P/12
Switzerland, Fribourg
Eglise St-Jean

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Colour - Sound - Tradition

The church of St. Jean was dedicated as long ago as 1264, and can look back on a long, eventful history. Over the course of the centuries the simple building has undergone several alterations and changes in design. The most recent significant alterations were made in 1952, when the church was lengthened to the west and a new wooden ceiling was installed.

The light colouring of the new organ is inspired by the colourfulness of the choir, and contributes greatly to the way the organ contrasts with the wooden ceiling. Installation of a new organ also meant an opportunity to redesign and modernize the gallery. A bright, pleasant music gallery was created which provides both choir and organists with the ideal setting.

The specification is based on tried and tested principles. In view of the limited space available, the four pedal stops have been built as transmissions. The result is an instrument with an unusual variety of tone and adaptability that belies its modest dimensions.

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