Orgelbau Kuhn

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2009

New organ

Organ built by:
Gehäuse: August Nielsen, 1884

Windchests: slider chests
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: electrical

Inauguration: 22.11.2009

Expert: Jon Laukvik
Case design: Konstruktion Christoph Jedele
Voicing: Rudolf Aebischer

César Franck / Organ Works / Bjørn Boysen / The Kuhn Organ Uranienborg Church (2 CDs)
Uraninenborg Oslo 1884 - 2009

Orgelfest Uranienborg Kirke

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portrait number 114220

Oslo III/P/53
Norway, Oslo

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A chequered history

Since the Viking era, Oslo has been characterised by its spirit of discovery. This spirit was again in demand for work on the 120-year-old piece in Uranienborg. Many scars bore witness to a chequered history, with many rebuilds. Restoration of the much smaller original shape was out of the question for musical reasons. Just as impracticable was preservation of the condition of the organ as it had developed over the years. Even if we regarded it charitably, it lacked the quality for that. Technical renovation was therefore definitely the best option.
The historical significance of the organ merited reuse of the front case dating from 1884 and of as many old stops as possible. Faced with the hybrid, somewhat motley pipework, this was no easy endeavour. The biggest challenge was to create a coherent tonal concept which would at the same time preserve as much of the original character as possible. During the listening analysis, we discovered hidden values, especially in the foundation stops of the 16-, 8- and 4-foot range. These now form the tonal framework.

The new piece leaves no doubt about its romantic symphonic origin and northern character: wonderful warm sounding flute and string stops which generate different tonal colours in a myriad of dynamic shades, mild mutation stops and reeds that can be blended to real orchestral dignity. Contemporary organ technique provides a sublime organ sound the roots of which go back to the 19th century.

We used the space behind the altar for an echo organ as a special feature. It can be played at the main organ as well as separately at a small console in the choir. - A unique organ landscape in a church that, simply through its acoustics, kindles the desire to make music.

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