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Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2006


Organ built by:
Leopold Breinbauer, 1891

Windchests: cone chests
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: mechanical

Inauguration: 10.12.2006

Expert: Siegfried Adlberger
Voicing: Raymond Petzold

Festbroschüre anlässlich der Renovierung der Marienorgel in der Wallfahrtsbasilika Maria Puchheim

Breinbauer Organ Gramastetten
Breinbauer Organ Linz Zaubertal

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portrait number 801380

Attnang-Puchheim II/P/24
Austria, Upper Austria
Basilika St. Maria Puchheim

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Young and old for an organ with a new radiance

The organ in the Basilika Maria Puchheim in Austria was the third instrument built by organ builder Leopold Breinbauer from Ottensheim to be restored by us - we were therefore familiar with his work. The name Breinbauer stands for high quality cone-chest organs with an excellent technical design and a beautiful tone in the individual voices.

With 24 stops divided between two manuals and pedal, this instrument, built in 1891, was one of the larger organs built by Breinbauer. Thanks to its first class construction, the organ was original apart from three ranks. It was still playable in spite of a considerable amount of dirt and wear - worn seals and corroded metal parts, for example. With this background, there was no question for us that this old instrument was worthy of restoration and we concentrated our attention on a full repair of its historical substance and the reconstruction of the Dolce 8 ' and Harmonika aeth. in Manual II (Swell).

Thanks to the unique efforts of the people of Puchheim, who supported our restoration work with full vigour and enthusiasm, our work in the parish of St. Maria proved to be a memorable experience. Through the personal involvement of the vicar, the cleaning of the very dirty pipes became an «event» for many helpers from the parish and the Basilika Maria Puchheim a meeting place for young and old. On listening to the organ, many churchgoers of Attnang-Puchheim will be reminded of the enjoyable team effort and their own personal contribution to the restoration work. Our guiding principle - «The instruments we build are meant to give people pleasure» - had come to life in its truest sense.
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