Orgelbau Kuhn

Retention of Value

We want our instruments to go on giving pleasure for years – or even centuries – to come. This is why we consider organ maintenance one of the central features of our work. Every organ we build or restore is close to our hearts. Instruments like these deserve regular attention from an expert.

Effective organization

We take organ maintenance seriously: for us, it is more than a sideline. Although the specialists we employ for this line of business are not involved in restoration or the building of new instruments, we nevertheless benefit from the coordination of our expertise in all areas. No fewer than seven well-qualified, generalist organ builders are devoted entirely to the regular care and maintenance of instruments of all types and provenance – our own as well as those of other manufacturers – and built over a period of several centuries. Each of our maintenance specialists has training and experience in the handling of historic instruments. Several days every year they meet in Männedorf to hone their skills. Apart from the practical training, these sessions are an opportunity for them to swap ideas and know-how.
Emergency numbers
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