Orgelbau Kuhn

St. Urban, ehemalige Klosterkirche


Many people find it difficult to understand why organ restoration should be so fascinating. We are often asked whether it would not be more fulfilling to design something entirely of our own imagining and to express our artistic side rather than fixing up «old stuff» and exterminating woodworm.

Our answer is always a decisive «No». Working with new instruments and with old ones are two completely different worlds. Actually, our restorers are extremely serious adventurers: time travellers whose mission it is to breathe fresh life into the past.

Making history audible

Every old organ has a history that is closely bound up with people, epochs and events. And each of these histories is different. This makes organs from past epochs unique witnesses of their age. Our job makes it possible for us to grasp how people before us thought and acted. The emotions we experience when we see how organ builders worked decades or centuries ago range from pleasure, appreciation and sheer amazement through to sadness, anger and – occasionally – amusement.

The sound of a restored organ is a way for us to experience living history. We see our work as part of a continuum: we are doing our best to ensure that the history of organ building is handed down to generations yet to come. It is this that makes restoration such a highly gratifying task.
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