Orgelbau Kuhn


The potential for further development and technical improvement is far from exhausted. Apart from this, expectations of what an instrument should deliver change continuously, together with musical styles, the acoustic environment and the many and varied needs of customers and organists.

Swiss quality

We do everything in our power to meet the most exacting demands and to cater to the individual personality of every single organ we deal with. To assist us, we rely on a team of well-qualified professionals and our long record of innovation.

A desire for perfection and a love of detail

Our aim is to perfect contemporary instruments as far as possible by improving traditional organ technology. Achieving this calls primarily for an innovative approach to the tiny details. Kuhn Organ Builders has developed technologies of its own that create palpable and audible improvements. Thanks to our size, we have the advantage of being able to make use of new developments – always tailored to a specific situation, of course – more than once. This not only makes us more efficient but also increases our professional competence.
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