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23.12.2011 – Third New Year card designed by Gary Stern

In this 3rd and last series the artist completes his work and closes the circle. The unfinished pipe is given its tone on site, becomes a part of the whole, of the organ. The print of the third tin sheet, now completely worked, is shown in a rich, deep black and is a symbolic representation of the whole instrument, the secret of which is manifested not visually but in its tone.

The basis and the workpiece for Gary Stern’s endeavour are the crude tin plates cut to a size of 16.6 x 18.6 cm. Their woven texture, which is created by casting on cloth, forms the matrix for Gary Stern’s work.
«Voicing, Instrument, Sound» New Year 2012
«cut, formed, soldered» New Year 2011
«melt, casted, planed» New Year 2010

21.12.2011 – «Monumento SALZBURG»

From 12th to 14th January 2012 an international exhibition for historical preservation will take place for the first time at the Salzburg Arena. Kuhn Organ Builders will be there. You can find out more here.

20.10.2011 – New organ portraits


06.09.2011 – The organs of the monastery church of St. Urban

Finally, the story of the famous organ and the efforts of restoration is being told in an extensive monograph.
The book by Friedrich Jakob can order

08.06.2011 – New or completed organ portraits

New organs
Restored organs

31.03.2011 – At the behest of Her Majesty the Queen

Breaking news – Kuhn Organ Builders have received the order for the new concert hall organ of the Royal Academy of Music in London. The evaluation of this prestigious order extended over five years. The decision of the expert body in favour of Kuhn was unanimous. The new organ is financed by donations and the receipts of two benefit concerts by Sir Elton John.
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18.03.2011 – Restoration of the oldest organ in Vienna

The order to restore the oldest organ in the city of Vienna fulfilled a dream that we had for more than 20 years.
The Wöckherl organ will be inaugurated on 26.03.2011.
You will find more about this project at
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