Orgelbau Kuhn

Company buildings after the alterations of 2012

Bird’s eye view from the south-west

Bird’s eye view from the south-east

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Bird’s eye view from the north-west

Investment into the future

The strong Swiss Franc has serious implications for the competitive capacity of Swiss companies who rely on export. In this situation Kuhn Organ Builders commits itself to a forward-thinking strategy. «If we wish to continue to play an active role in the highest league of organ building, there is only one option: producing the same or even better quality at competitive prices.» says Dieter Utz, managing director of Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd.

We remain committed to the comprehensive manufacture of our organs at our premises in Männedorf, at which Kuhn organs have been manufactured for almost 150 years. In order to improve our competitive capacity we are investing on the one hand in further training projects for our employees and on the other in our company infrastructure. The planning of the alterations and extensions has been underway for some time. The unanimously accepted implementation of a private design plan proves that this traditional company, can count on the support of the neighbourhood and local community.

With the signing of the contract of work before Christmas 2011 the realisation of the project began. This involves the dismantling of a provisional building from 1955(!) and certain annex buildings. A one-storey workshop built in an ecological wood construction will take their place. The current buildings from 1955 and 1972 will be connected by an intermediate building which will link all floors with a lift. Work in the workshop can, in future, be carried out on a single level. Only the tin pipe workshop, pipe storeroom and voicing workshop will remain on the upper storey. The storerooms for completed organ parts will be arranged directly adjoining the assembly hall. The internal working routes will be much shorter and can be used independent of weather conditions.

Besides the building alterations, a certain amount of technical equipment will be renewed. For example, the whole property will be heated by the energy produced from the waste wood cuttings and wood dust. This requires an ecologically optimised extraction unit fitted with all necessary noise protection and safety measures and a new, fully automatic wood heating system with all the required auxiliary facilities. At our premises, heating with oil will be a thing of the past. The regulation of the relative humidity in the workshops will optimise conditions for both workers and wood during the cold season.

So that we can continue to provide maximal service for our customers during the alterations we have commissioned a general contractor to carry out the work, one who has much experience in carrying out building alterations to companies whilst production continues. In spite of the size of the project the time-span of the alterations will stretch over only nine months (April to December 2012), during which time the company will continue to function without interruption thanks to appropriate temporary measures. For clearance, transportation and re-installation the employees of Kuhn Organ Builders are prepared to work additional hours at special conditions. In so doing they make a considerable contribution to the optimization of our company and with it the security of workplaces.

Together with the renovation of our office building in 2010 (originally built in the time of the company’s founding) which brought considerable improvement for the technical office and administration, Kuhn will be in possession of one of the most modern infrastructures for the production and restoration of organs at the highest quality in Europe.
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