Orgelbau Kuhn

Console St. Anton, Zurich


An objective professional judgement is central to the quality of our consultancy work. Therefore, when undertaking this type of work, we put the interests of our own company strictly to one side. It is proven, through the large number of requests for us to act as consultants both in Switzerland and abroad, that we are successful in achieving this ideal.

Assessments made during restoration work or concerning the construction of new instruments are often very complex. In order to reach a decision as to whether an instrument should be preserved or replaced requires a fundamental analysis of the situation as a whole. The precise examination of the condition of an organ is of central importance. Had there been any structural modifications made in the past? Is the instrument functionally reliable? It is vital that a comprehensive assessment also takes into account the organ’s past and its historical value. All these considerations require a high degree of professional competence as well as many years’ experience.

For numerous years our consultancy service has been trusted and valued by both church communities and officials from the Department for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments.


Thanks to this, detailed accounts of many of our restorations, written by Dr. Friedrich Jakob, Director of Kuhn Organ Builders from 1967 until 1999, have been published as monographs. In his publication «Basic Remarks about Organ Restoration», he listed a number of groundbreaking guidelines for preservation and restoration.
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