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21.12.2012 - First New Year card designed by Ursula Gerber

For the third series of three New Year’s greeting cards we chose an artist from Männedorf who is connected to our company in a very special way and to whose work we relate directly. Ursula Gerber combines the two artforms photography and object art to something unique.
«Organ sonata 1st movement - Allegro vivace»

30.11.2012 – Organpipes in the Kunstmuseum Bern

For the exhibition "Merets sparks" in the honour of Meret Oppenheim, the artist Maya Bringolf has made a sounding installation with tin and vent pipes, which makes a monumental impression in the Museum. You can find more about it here

27.11.2012 – New organ portraits

Restored organs
CH-St. Gallen St. Katharinen

16.07.2012 – Order from Norway tops them all

Orgelbau Kuhn has received an order to restore the Steinmeyer organ in the cathedral in Trondheim, the biggest order in the history of our company. In the past, Nidaros Cathedral was used for the coronations of the kings of Norway. At the same time, this order may be seen as the crowning point in the career of Wolfgang Rehn, our Managing Director, Restoration. The organ will sound again no later than 17 May 2014, Norway’s National Holiday, when two important anniversaries will be celebrated.

You will find more details about the organ and the restoration project

12.07.2012 - New or completed organ portraits


01.07.2012 – New pages and functions

Our website now has some new welcome pages in seven additional languages, more comfortable navigation and refined search functions. You can find details
here.  (pdf, 28 kB)
Enjoy navigating through our site!

15.03.2012 - New or completed organ portraits

New organs
Restored organs

20.01.2012 - Organ study trip to Netherlands

Picture gallery

03.01.2012 – Kuhn Organ Builders invest

In spite of the strong Swiss Franc we remain committed to the comprehensive manufacture of our organs at our premises in Männedorf. In order to improve our competitive capacity we are investing in further training projects for our employees and in our company infrastructure. You can find out more here.
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