Corporate culture

Specialists from a variety of callings and disciplines come together at Kuhn to create unique musical instruments. It is no foregone conclusion that they all speak «the same language». Indeed, we go to great lengths to ensure that the differences between them are recognized and to make the resulting pluralism fruitful by actively involving them all in the creation and further development of our corporate culture.

Keeping communication alive

Our Company Philosophy, which is reproduced here, was drawn up with the cooperation of all Kuhn Organ Builders employees. Many Kuhn employees have also contributed to the development of our logo, company portrait and homepage. These facts alone should make it clear that, for us, organ building is not «just a job» but central to our lives. Our corporate image and our vision show what we feel in our hearts and what motivates us to give our best.

We attach great importance to various forms of communication at professional, business and interpersonal level: a well-functioning employee committee is in regular contact with executive management and we inform our employees about everything of relevance. Several times a year, we get together voluntarily for a working lunch to discuss matters of current interest. We maintain an ongoing focus on the subject of organ building by organizing visits to view the work of other manufacturers on one or two occasions a year, together with a four-day, organ-viewing study trip every two years.