Kuhn Organ Builders at a glance

  • 1864 Company founded in Männedorf by Johann Nepomuk Kuhn (1827-1888)
  • 1888 Death of J.N. Kuhn, management of the company passed to his son Carl Theodor Kuhn (1865-1925)
  • 1906 Founding of second French subsidiary in Nancy, after Bellegarde
  • 1907 Bellegarde Subsidiary merged with Charles Michel-Merklin, Lyon
  • 1925 Shortly before the death of C.T. Kuhn, the company was transformed into «Orgelbau Th. Kuhn Aktiengesellschaft»
  • 1958 Resumption of new organ exports, with the first organs going overseas
  • 1967 Friedrich Jakob appointed Director
  • 1974 Company's own restoration department established
  • 1979 Start of extensive restoration activities abroad
  • 1988 Export of new organs established as fixed part of Kuhn's service portfolio
  • 1998 Ownership of all entire stock secured by management
  • 2000 Company renamed «Orgelbau Kuhn AG» (Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd.)
    Managerial triumvirate:
    Dieter Utz, Chief Executive
    Dieter Rüfenacht, New organs
    Wolfgang Rehn, Restorations
  • 2002 Philosophy
  • 2010 Hans-Peter Keller becomes head of the New Organ Department, from 2013 engineering & design
  • 2012 Transformation workshop building – video (text in German)
  • 2013 Gunter Böhme becomes head of the Sound & Restoration department
  • 2014 Division of the company into independent entities of “Organ Building" and "Real Estate"
  • 2017 Commissioning of photovoltaic system and district heating for adjacent building

Legal form

Public limited companies registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd
UID and VAT-ID: CHE-316.734.552 MWST

Orgelbau Kuhn Immobilien AG
UID and VAT-ID: CHE-102.407.560 MWST

Real estate

Land: 6767 m2
Workshop and storage space: 3100 m2
Building volume: 14400 m3

The people behind our success

All Kuhn Organ Builders employees are qualified specialists and include:
– Master organ builders
– Organ builders, mostly with an additional qualification in voicing, design, planning, restoration, organ care
– Pipe-maker s
– Cabinet-makers and other skilled crafts
– Graduate in Business management and staff with commercial backgrounds


Department of design, workshops for organ building, restoration, voicing and pipe manufacturing, metal-working, painting, assembly, demonstration room for small organs, stores and warehousing space.


– Association of Swiss Organbuilders
– International Society of Organbuilders ISO