News + Events 2014

In her third and last work, Ursula Gerber combines further sculptures from her "Nomades" series with what now clearly reveal themselves to be organ pipes. Only when the observer takes a second look do the complexity and depth of the work reveal themselves.

In the ISO journal no. 47-2014 an article on the restored Steinmeyer organ in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim was published, written by Dr. Markus Zimmermann.

The book celebrating the 150 year jubilee of Kuhn Organ Builders will be available from October 23rd 2014. Authors: Friedrich Jakob and Michael Meyer.

Kuhn Organ Builders will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of its foundation under the title of the happy motet composed by the 16 year old Wolfgang Amadé Mozart. It expresses our still youthful enthusiasm for organ building, organ music and the intense experiences which the "king of all instruments" (Mozart) bestows on mankind.