News + Events 2016

For the fourth series of New Year cards we have chosen an artist from Zurich whom we have come to know and appreciate through her work with organ pipes.

The historic cone chest organ from Zurich Unterstrass (1889) comes back to Zurich. Prof. Ludger Lohmann inaugurates the instrument on Friday 9th September 2016 in the "KunstKlangKirche Zurich" (Reformed church "Auf der Egg" Wollishofen). Beginning 7:30 p.m.
Organ portrait
KunstKlangKirche Zürich

18.11.2015: Oberharmersbach, Welschensteinach, Alpirsbach
19.11.2015: St. Gallen, St. Margrethen

When we humans are fascinated by something we are held captive, continually facing new challenges. In this respect organ building is inexhaustible, because we work in borderlands. Depending on our viwpoint, musical, technical or architectural aspects or the history of art may dominate our involvement.