Anna Demmerer – New member of the Executive Board

Anna Demmerer is joining Kuhn Organ Builders on 1 May 2020. As a member of the Executive Board she will assume responsibilities in areas of organ maintenance and the administrative and financial management of the company after a period of familiarisation.

Anna Demmerer –

Create the new, preserve the old

Anna Demmerer comes from Austria, more exactly from the Steiermark, and studied industrial economics at the Fachhochschule FH JOANNEUM with economics, technology and EDP as her areas of specialisation. Subsequently she undertook a supplementary course at Caltech University California as Operations and Supply Chain Manager, while continuing her career.

Apart from her economic and technological studies, music has always been a vital part of life, whereby organ music constitutes a very emotional part of this. She achieved the gold medal for the piano, successfully completed a course at Graz Conservatory for Church Music, and since then has been active as organist in several parishes.

Anna Demmerer takes particular pleasure in connecting different worlds. Thus, her interest in economic correlations and her love of music are in no way contradictory, as both are necessary for an entrepreneur to guide the wonderful craft of organ building into the future and to develop it with enthusiasm and creativity.


  • Born on 02.12.1982 in the Steiermark (AT)
  • Studied industrial economics (final degree 2006)
  • Organ training: C-examination at the Conservatory for Church Music in Graz
  • Organist in various parishes
  • Since 2007 employed in business / industry, focussing on IT and process management
  • Since 2015 management of a team of 14 people


  • Music: above all, interpreting modern music on the organ
  • Sport: being as much as possible surrounded by nature (walking, mountain climbing, mountain biking and racing biking, running)
  • Travel: interested in various cultures