Hans-Peter Keller is retiring

Hans-Peter Keller will be retiring at the end of November 2021. In the years 2010 to 2020 he held the office of Manager, New Organs, and from 2014 to 2017 he was also General Manager.

From 1974 to 1978 Hans-Peter Keller completed his apprenticeship to become an organ builder, and subsequently worked in the New Organ Department. In 1980 he left us to extend his professional knowledge and to improve his knowledge of French and English. Ten years later he returned to Kuhn Organ Builders, with much valuable experience. He can now look back on a successful career with us: from organ building apprentice to design engineer, and from there in the Board of Directors.

Hans-Peter Keller designed organs that gained international praise, for instance in Germany (Hamburg Altona, Bad Wurzach Castle Chapel, Osnabrück Cathedral), in Norway (Eidsvoll Church) or in Switzerland (Chur Cathedral). In addition, he had a leading role in the acquisition of a number of projects. All the clients who realised their projects to build new organs with Hans-Peter Keller as Designer or Managing Director, value his extensive knowledge of organ-building, his reliability and his modesty.

The Supervisory Board, Board of Directors, and all the members of our staff thank Hans-Peter Keller most sincerely for his 37-year long loyalty to the company, his tireless commitment to building organs of the highest quality, and for the numerous organs that have been built under his direct responsibility. In particular, we thank him too for inducting the new Management Teams, and for passing on his knowledge. We wish him all the best, including the very best of health, for the coming new phase in his life.

We will be saying goodbye to Hans-Peter Keller in 2022 at an event requested by a client