Management Board

Continuity in changing times

One year ago, in January 2021, Gunter Böhme, Christian Kroll and Anna Demmerer were appointed to the newly formed Management Board of Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd. At the same time, Günter Böhme as Artistic Director continues to place the focus on the sound components of old and new instruments. Christian Kroll has the function of Technical Director and is responsible for overseeing the steady development of our craftsmanship both in organ projects and in the workshop. Finally, Anna Demmerer is responsible for ensuring that organs entrusted to the company maintain their value.

Apart from our organ building activities, we also made use of the past year for detailed planning and implementation of the change in ownership of our company. In December 2021 we were able to sign all the agreements. The succession of Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd was thereby completed.

A change in management and ownership calls for many an alteration. New ideas are forged, innovations launched, existing methods questioned anew. But one thing has absolute priority and continuity – Kuhn continues to build organs to the highest standards of quality of both craftsmanship and sound – and that began 158 years ago.

"The three directors are on an equal footing, and I have experienced them as endowed with sufficient initiative, and being imaginative and critical such as always to be capable of questioning Kuhn's activities, of addressing challenges and guaranteeing the continuity of the company by a measured change. Therefore Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer and I as members of the Supervisory Board continue to support actively and with great pleasure the work of the Management Board", says Dieter Utz, the President of our Supervisory Board. "I wish the new Management Board every success and the necessary good fortune."