New Management Team complete

Over the past two years we have worked hard to find the right people who want to lead our company into the future and have the capability. I am extremely happy that we have succeeded in gaining new managers whose profiles are fascinating and for the company exceedingly valuable.

Christian Kroll – New Workshop Manager – Further information

Michael Meyer – Future successor to Hans-Peter Keller – Further information

Anna Demmerer – Future successor to Dieter Utz – Further information

Together with Gunter Böhme, Manager Sound & Restoration, they comprise Kuhn Organ Builder's future Management Team.

As President of the Board and owner of Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, my most distinguished duty is to ensure the company is in good economic condition when it is transferred into the hands of a new generation of managers. We are in good time with this task!

For years the new members of the Management Team had been on the periphery of our company. Their stated interest is to preserve what is tried and tested. At the same time they are able to point the company compass towards the future demands of the organ building trade.

Hans-Peter Keller, Manager, Engineering & Design, and the undersigned are both committed to preparing the future management team for its responsibilities. We are reckoning on an induction phase of no less than a year. I look forward to reporting on the next steps in due course.


Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd

Dieter Utz
President of the Board