Management Team from 01.01.2021

With effect 1 January 2021 our Management Team comprises the following persons:

Gunter Böhme – Artistic Director

Anna Demmerer – Commercial Director

Christian Kroll – Technical Director

At the end of 2020 PD Dr. Michael Meyer was offered the chair of Historical Musicology at the State University of Music, Trossingen. We congratulate him most sincerely! At the same time we are very sad in that it means that the extent of his activities for our company is no longer possible. However, on 25 January 2021 Michael Meyer was elected on to the Board of Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd. We are delighted that in this function he will remain connected with our company, and can thus continue to contribute his great specialist knowledge and his infectious enthusiasm for organ playing and organ culture. Michael Meyer will continue to undertake certain publicity activities and client contacts as far as this is possible.

Hans-Peter Keller withdrew from the Executive Board of Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd with effect from the end of 2020. We are very glad that he will still be putting his extensive experience and enormous specialist knowledge at the disposal of our Executive Board, and we thank him for the work he has performed for the benefit of our Company.

As soon as times become normal we will look at the possibility of holding a small party in celebration of the inauguration of the new Management Team and to discharge those persons who are leaving. At present my thanks go to the members of the Management Team for their commitment at this difficult time.

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd

Dieter Utz


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