Switzerland, Berne
Ehemalige Abteikirche, Chororgel

© pictures Orgelbau Kuhn AG, Männedorf

Little Sister

The overall picture of the organs in the former monastery church created in the early 18th century was to become reality again with the construction of the chancel organ. Following the wonderful task of reconstructing the main organ, the order to reconstruct the chancel organ produced a «little sister».

Thanks to comprehensive research undertaken by Dr. François Seydoux into the chancel organ at Bellelay, not least through his sensational discovery of photographs in the municipal library of La Chaux-de-Fonds, we had at our disposal a basis which rendered this project a realistic possibility. We also had access to the workshop book of the Bossard family of organ builders, which provided significant details.

The construction of a new organ in the style of a baroque master is always an exciting challenge to us as organ builders. We worked, so to speak, as journeymen of the Bossard workshop, loving the detail and craftsmanship of the techniques of our model. The chancel organs from the monastery church in Muri served as a practical model. Here, we studied details of the construction of the case, actions and windchests and the wind system. In particular, the scale and sound of the pipes served as a model for the new choir organ.

Translation: RS 2014