Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia
Grabeskirche St. Matthias Günhoven

© pictures Orgelbau Kuhn AG, Männedorf/Schweiz

Reduced to the maximum

Our small organ is manoeuvrable, elegant and versatile in tone colour. We designed it specially for chapels and other small prayer houses. Thanks to its mobile substructure it need not be confined to one position.

The light maple case with pipe shades and console made of cherry wood lend the instrument a simple elegance.

The foundation stops, shared between two manuals, are comprised of a warm sounding Suavial 8 ', a Gedackt 8 ' and a Flauto dolce 8 ' which enable a continuous dynamic range from forte to piano to be achieved. The Fugara 4 ' forms a bridge between foundation stops and the mild Mixtur 2 '. The flute stops in 4 ', 2 2/3 ' and 2 ' are, thanks to changeable sliders, available in both the first and second manuals. The Oboe 8 ' of the second manual is both a solo stop and played together with the foundation stops.The tonal foundation in the pedals is provided by the Subbass 16 '. Thanks to an octave extension of this rank, it is also playable as a Gedackt 8 '.

The versatility of the compact design of the instrument's tonal resources was only made possible through the most careful manufacturing techniques and skilful voicing. It even provides the option of variable registrations for Trio and Cantus firmus literature.

The size of the console reflects that of a «large» organ. The natural keys of both manuals have a bone coating to ensure good grip and the sharp keys are made of Grenadill wood. The pedalboard is arranged with parallel pedals arranged in a double concave formation.

Other features: adjustable organ bench, lighting for music stand and pedalboard, lighting switch, lockable switch for the blower.