Our workshop

The layout of buildings at our factory is not the result of a single phase of planning, but instead, observable through the mix of new and old elements, bears witness to the long tradition of the Kuhn company.

In total there is a workshop area of over 3000 m2 available on our site, which itself has an area of 6800 m2.

The house built by Johann Nepomuk Kuhn at the time the company was founded is located first and foremost on Seestrasse. The new building of 2012 brought a continuous passability of all workshop levels and the development of all floor values with elevator.

Our offices offer bright and well-equipped workplaces and space for customer meetings with a lake view.

In the assembly hall, the individual components for the organ assembly come together. With a footprint of 12.8 m x 9.4 m and a height of 10 m, it allows us to assemble very large instruments, even with open 32' stops.

The voicing workshop has two acoustically separated workstations and - on the same floor - plenty of storage space for unprocessed and pre-voiced pipes up to 16' in length. To the right in the picture the locksmith's shop.

At the time of the foto shooting, both the workshop for the new organ building and those for the restorers were occupied with windchests for a large organ that had to be restored. On the right in the picture the organ case construction.

The tin pipe workshop with the historic melting furnace, the casting table and the tin planing machine is located on the same floor as the intonation and the various pipe storage facilities.

A demonstration room presents newer and historical small organs and offers a pleasant atmosphere for presentations with visitor groups and other events.

At the end of the plot, our wood is stored in a covered shed, which is open to the side, on an area of approx. 800 m2. The care of this precious raw material requires our special attention.