Our creed

The instruments we build are meant to give people pleasure; we see our work as a contribution to musical culture, and to that of the organ in particular. The organ has a deep-rooted tradition in Christian culture, and we see it as means by which to propagate, to cultivate and to foster the development of human and ethical values. The music of the organ gives strength, encourages reflection and opens up the human heart.

Our company

Orgelbau Kuhn are Swiss organ builders with an international reputation. We design, build, restore and maintain pipe organs of all sizes and of various styles, both for places of worship and for secular buildings.

Our approach

We strive to meet the very highest standards in all aspects of our work, ranging from technical criteria and quality of workmanship to matters of tone and musicality as well as aesthetic considerations of architectural and visual design. We can confidently be entrusted with the development and implementation of both purist and eclectic design concepts. We see difficult, complex or unusual commissions as a particular challenge and try to come up with clear, straightforward and convincing solutions. We work efficiently, but take the necessary time to produce high-quality work.Our professional competence rests on the skills and experience built up during the construction, restoration and maintenance of nearly 2000 organs since 1864. We closely follow the latest developments in international organ research and take an active part in the quest for further progress. With new and innovative solutions, Kuhn Organ Builders make a significant contribution to the continuing development of the organ builder’s art. We are actively involved in numerous professional associations and promote and organise special events of interest to others in the trade.

Our dealings with customers

We take our customers’ concerns and wishes seriously, and offer them sound professional advice based on our experience and our ideals. Every project that is entrusted to us receives our intensive and in-depth attention. We honour agreements and keep to deadlines. We communicate with all our clients and associates clearly, frankly and in good time; we welcome praise, accept criticism and admit our mistakes.

Our view of ourselves

Our employees are organ enthusiasts who see their work as a vocation. They are motivated, creative and highly professional individuals who stand out by their commitment, by their willingness to take on a high level of responsibility, by the pleasure they take in working as a team in the pursuit and achievement of excellence, and by their readiness to keep constantly moving forward both as professionals and as individuals.We regard our employees as the most important single factor in our success. We support them with measures designed to foster a motivational working atmosphere and with honest, clear and comprehensive information about the company’s commercial achievements and its plans for the future. We give them the opportunity to pursue further professional training, and we provide a healthy working atmosphere. We offer apprenticeships and internships, and support both basic and further training schemes in our professional field.

Our management philosophy

Our senior staff see their role as both setting an example to and maximising the performance of the employees in their charge. They demand conscientious and professional work from them and support them in their pursuit of this goal. They encourage creativity and personal responsibility. They ensure that the company functions in a well-organised manner and that working procedures are optimised. They give their subordinates regular affirmative and critical feedback on their work, and ensure that they themselves receive the same with regard to their leadership role as seen by their subordinates.Kuhn Organ Builders are dedicated to continuity in management and management style.

Our principles

In all matters and in all areas, we comply with applicable laws and regulations and shun unethical practices.
We encourage tolerance, mutual respect and the pursuit of amicable solutions to disagreements.

Our commercial philosophy

We operate our company on a commercially sound basis that gives it a secure future and makes it a dependable partner for customers and employees alike. Healthy corporate finances and adequate profits make possible the investment necessary to keep the company up-to-date and to ensure its continued development.
We offer our customers instruments built to Swiss standards of quality and representing sound value for money. We do not seek commissions «come-what-may”, but rather those in which our own philosophy as organ builders accords with the customer’s high expectations.