Video portrait

In just under six minutes we present our most beautiful organ projects of the recent years. From new organs to remarkable restorations. And give an interesting insight into our workshop.


The restoration of the Toggenburg house organ by Amman from 1807

Our dedicated restoration team of proven professionals has brought this beautiful specimen of a Toggenburg house organ back in its original condition and made it fully playable.
Thanks to Jürg Rufer for this special film document.

The fascination of organ building

When we humans are fascinated by something we are held captive, continually facing new challenges. In this respect organ building is inexhaustible, because we work in borderlands. Depending on our viwpoint, musical, technical or architectural aspects or the history of art may dominate our involvement. Since 1864 Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd has made every effort to respond to all these demands. For the organ will not be a work of art unless all aspects and every detail blend perfectly into a whole. The documentary «The fascination of organ building» will guide you through the history and present-day of Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd and demonstrate step by step how an organ is created for the combined efforts of experts from a variety of occupations.