Switzerland, Lucerne
Hofkirche St. Leodegar - Grosse Orgel und Echowerk

© pictures Orgelbau Kuhn AG, Männedorf/Schweiz; Nique Nager, Luzern

Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd, 2015

New organ

Organ built by
Grosse Orgel: Orgelbau Th. Kuhn AG, 1977
slider chestes, cone chests (s.t.c.)
Key action
mechanical + electrical
Stop action
Case design
Echowerk: Claude Lardon, Andy Raeber
Gunter Böhme, Thierry Pécaut

A brief history

1640 - 1650 After the church burnt down in 1633, a new organ was built by Johann Geissler from Salzburg (II/48).

1820 The gallery was enlarged, the choir organ became inoperable.

1858 - 1862 The organ was rebuilt by Friedrich Haas (IV/70) who settled later in Lucerne.

1898 - 1899 Friedrich Goll, who took over Haas's company, rebuilt the organ and replaced the mechanical action by a pneumatic action.

1972 - 1977 Th. Kuhn AG built a new organ (V/81). The organ case dat-ing from 1650 and 56 old stops dating from 1650 and 1862 were reused. The choir organ was reconstructed.

1999 A capture system was installed with 15 sets of 256 combinations each.

2001 Three free reed stops of Haas (1862) were reinstalled in a separate swell box in the chamber of the echo organ.

2015 New echo organ on the northern chancel gallery by using historical pipe material (II/P/19); new slider magnets in the main organ, new electrical control, new capture system with touch screen.

Translation 2008: RS