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Organ seminar Rheinau – 25./26.10.2018

The "Zürcher Hochschule der Künste", the "Orgelkreis Rheinau" and Kuhn Organ Builders Ltd jointly organized an organ seminar with a master class and exciting lectures and discussions on the "Influence of historical and restored instruments on today's organ building" (in German)

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The restoration of the Toggenburg house organ from 1807

Our dedicated restoration team of proven professionals has brought this beautiful specimen of a Toggenburg house organ back in its original condition and made it fully playable.

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A new choir organ for the Münster cathedral in Freiburg i. Br./Germany

We are proud of the contract to build the new choir organ with auxiliary in Freiburg i. Br.
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Organ study trip to Alsace

This year's excursion took us to the beautiful Alsace region to unique historic organs by Silbermann and renowned organ builders.

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Organ concert at the KunstKlangKirche in Zurich – 02.04.2018

The organist and composer Mr Wolfgang Sieber performed with the Tutarchela choir and a wind ensemble on our historic German-Romantic cone chest organ from 1889.

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New organ project in the Zurich Tonhalle

We present the first details of our new organ project in the Zurich Tonhalle

Organ portrait

New video portrait

In just under six minutes we present our most beautiful organ projects of the recent years. From new organs to remarkable restorations. And give an interesting insight into our workshop.

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Third New Year card by Maya Bringolf

With this third card, once again a digital photocollage by Maya Bringolf, our fourth series of New Year cards is complete.

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New organ portrait